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ISB Technologies

Quality through infrared

Presentation of ISB Technologies

Founded in 1989, IBS Technologies is a company specializing in infrared electrical radiation. We work for all sectors of activity requiring heating and drying of different components: agrifood, pharmaceutical, paper industry, cardboard, steel, automotive, textile, thermoforming, etc. Depending on your needs, whatever your field, we produce different models: from a simple, small heating module to a complete machine, with integrated conveyor. We also install infrared panels of any size, which can be integrated into existing machines.

Infrared specialists

With our experience, we have undeniable know-how to install any type of infrared: short wave, medium wave or long wave. However, we favor short wave infrared, which has the advantage of very little inertia; and with which we work almost only in radiation. From then on, all the power is immediately available, without the need for preheating; in the same way, the extinction is very fast.

Regarding the medium wave infrared, we work half by radiation, and half by ambient temperature. The inertia generally lasts only a few minutes. This technology may be more suitable for certain products and therefore remains very present.

A company at your service

ISB Technologies manages projects from conception to start-up. Assembly takes place in our plant (parts are manufactured by our subcontractor partners). Maintenance on our equipment is very limited and simple to perform. 

Our test laboratory also allows us to be very efficient. It is equipped with a thermal camera, all types of infrared technology that we install, as well as the latest generation dimmers and regulators.

A continuous presence by your side

Located in Montluel, Ain, north-east of Lyon, France, we have a global reach. With facilities both throughout France and in Europe (Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.), but also in several more distant countries (China, Korea, Mexico, Argentina, etc.)

The strengths of ISB Technologies

Having been specialized in infrared for about thirty years, our knowledge and experience are incontestable and we put them at your service. In addition to this know-how, we have a test laboratory to determine which type of infrared is the most suitable, to configure the heating power. Thus, both through our technical approach and our expert advice, you are guaranteed to obtain technology that is perfectly suited to your needs. We take maintenance issues into account when creating the product, such as the lifespan of consumables. Finally, we attach particular importance to working with French products.

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