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paper industry, cardboard, textiles, pharmaceuticals, composites

Fitted and adjustable design and intervention

At ISB Technologies, dryers and radiant panels are designed to be installed on existing machines; however, there is much more on the drawing board. They are completely custom made.

We make panels for new machines and replacements for old panels which, over time, would have become less efficient. ISB Technologies adapts to the most common machines, as well as the less common brand names.

For certain applications, we manufacture and install heating cylinders.

Advanced technology

At ISB Technologies, the heating elements installed are determined by product testing. They are then distributed in such a manner as to obtain ideal heating and performance qualities, using standard elements wherever possible. These are then arranged to optimize heating, depending on the product and its heating zones. By multiplying the separate zones, it is possible to create a heating profile in order to adapt the radiation to the product.

ISB Technologies offers you  :
  • Drying by electric infrared radiation at short wavelengths (0.76 to 1.6 µ) with low inertia, a guarantee of safety and energy saving.
  • Ink drying on continuous printing machines.
  • Panels adapted to the widths, the number of colors and the speeds of the printing lines.

  • Adhesive drying lines on all supports (paper, film, textile, foam, etc.) in aqueous base and solvent phase.

The heating can be controlled either manually, with a percentage of power, or by pyrometric regulation loop. In the latter case, an optical pyrometer constantly monitors the temperature of the treated surface. It delivers this information to a comparator regulator which, via a power dimmer, doses the radiated energy. Consequently, the surface temperature is carefully maintained equal to that of the setpoint.

This technology makes it possible to quickly acquire and maintain precisely the desired temperature.

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